What can I expect when I hire a potty training consultant?

When you hire me as a consultant, I am able to listen to your unique situation and give you proven tips and ideas specific to your child–remember, always, that, as Jamie says, you have to “potty train the kid you have”! Sometimes you hit a bump in the road or a series of errors and it’s hard to step back and see the big picture. Sometimes you’re experiencing a problem in potty training that you don’t know how to name or google…! I’m here with experience and training in the Oh Crap! Method to help you work through the bumps in your road and give you situation-specific advice.

I offer a variety of ways to get help, from introductory workshops to a forum where you can post as-needed to direct help on the phone with email follow up (or even text messaging through the entirety of your potty training journey). Please read through my services below and contact me, Shannah, at, for more information.

Here’s what I won’t do: The Oh Crap! Method does not allow for shaming, physical force, or punishment of any kind to manipulate your child to use the potty. In fact, these are simply ineffective methods for working with small children in general. We use situation-based ideas, simple tricks, talking the child through the process, and natural consequences. Also, I am not a medical doctor and I do not give any medical advice. If you feel that your child is in need of medical or psychological treatment, please contact your pediatrician or other medical doctor.


Work with me in an on-line forum where you’ll get one on one support from me. I’ll read and respond to your posts at least once a day (usually in the evening) and you’ll have access to and benefit from seeing the posts of others working through their potty training experience as well. (NEW online forum — through Facebook — opening March 11th. 2 week access will be $60, one month access for $100)

Phone and E-mail Consultation

Introductory Phone Consultation*: I will send you a questionnaire to complete and we will have a quick introductory phone discussion (15-20 minutes) to review your questionnaire. The fee for this consultation is $40, and it rolls over into whichever plan you choose below.

*Please note that, based on the severity of your issue, I may ask you to choose phone consultation only, below, instead of an introductory phone conversation. Poop withholding, for example, is a complex issue to discuss that may involve more time even in the initial discussion, and I want to make sure we have a plan to continue working together on this issue rather than you hearing advice and attempting to follow it on your own.

Phone Consultation Only, with e-mail follow up: We’ll have a more in-depth, 30-45 minute discussion about your questionnaire and come up with a detailed plan that will be emailed to you following our discussion. Also included are two to three additional emails concerning the plan we’ve discussed. ($75)

Basic Consulting Plan: Let’s chat! We’ll have a one hour phone consultation, split between two or three calls, and email access. Our first call will be about 20 minutes to discuss your family questionnaire (which will be emailed prior to our conversation). This package includes e-mail follow up (as needed, typically 2-3 times a week) for one month. ($150)

All-Access Consulting Plan: This plan includes ninety minutes of phone consultation, plus unlimited access (via email or text) until your child is potty trained. ($200)

In-Person Class or Potty Training Workshop

I love to talk about potty training LIVE! I will speak to your group via zoom meetings or in-person (throughout the Houston or Dallas areas). I will give an overview of the Oh Crap method and answer questions from your group during a Q and A session.

Please email for more information, including pricing and availability.