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Saturday Summaries: Superhero Week

This was a request by kiddo too. He’s recently decided he likes superheroes without any exposure from us. Well, why not?

I had a lot of fun finding books for this week. Here they are:

(Not pictured) Dylan the Villain We found this one at Brightly Storytime. This is a delightful book about a kid having to deal with someone performing better at school than he is…except he’s a super villain. Having the story read to us on video was extra fun, too!

10 Rules for Being a Superhero Learn about the requirements for being a superhero with Magna Man (toy) and Lava Boy (his boy) as they go about one day’s activities. I love this sweet story–superheroes without marketing and scariness. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Cosentino’s Batman and Superman are just great for introducing comic-book style and themes to smaller kids without being over the top. There are villains and the Batman one does mention his parents “losing their lives,” so…think on our screen these if you’re on edge about violence (remember how little kids can’t read the words? 😉 ).

Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero is about a very quiet boy who has very unquiet adventures at night. It reads very much like an adventure story and my child would say “what happened?!” if I paused while reading. Another very fun book.

Supersister was not a hit with us because we had so many others but it is a great book about a superhero big sister so I’m including it in this list for any of you out there who might be interested.

Here are a few activities we did:

    We made handprint art (not the best kind of art for kid involvement but a lot of fun for Mommy). They do think it’s fun to get painted!
    We were going to rescue tied up superheroes (great link! So many activities, especially for a little older kiddos!) but the boy was so excited just by the paper superheroes (which I printed off of Guinness World Records) that he ended up just carrying those around and having such extensive imaginative play with them that it was worth every little fraction of that ink cartridge.
    We rescued innocent citizens, animals, and cars from ice. I highly highly recommend this activity for your toddler. Any kind of waterplay is a hit and adding an element of high interest pretend play took it over the top. This would be fantastic for potty training. They’re in a plastic bucket, for crying out loud!
    We played an alphabet match game. (Tip: It’s good to not do the whole alphabet with toddlers to keep it fun and not frustrating. Pick a few letters your child knows.)
    We made our own superhero mask. My child decided to be “super sticky man” and directed me to cut out polka dots and one stripe. He placed and glued on the mask we cut from felt and then I stitched it up over quiet time.
  • It was a very fun week. I could tell my child adored having gotten to choose the theme and there is something quite universal about superheroes. I smiled a lot at my little guy celebrating the idea of the very very good.
  • A note on these “Saturday Summaries”: I plan activities each week to do with my children as part of a strategy to have an orderly, interesting home for our toddlers. I’ve found that planning something fun helps me parent better–when I’m excited and invested in the day, my children are too. This creates an atmosphere of respect and mutual cooperation that carries over to better behavior.