Toddler Tuesday: Put Him in a Box (really!)

Potty training started our journey into weekly activities. When I sat down that first day, totally focused on my child like Jamie says to be, I thought, “What are we going to do?” I mean, we spent every moment together since I am a stay at home mom, but I was so anxious and nervous about this first step with my little one and I didn’t want to communicate that to him. I wanted him to be excited and interested and having fun!

If you spend too much time focusing on the potty part of potty training, you will both be anxious. This is a common problem–remember not to over-prompt. Don’t just stare at the bottom. Don’t wait for the panic of seeing pee on your beautiful floor to envelop you–! Ha!

So, each Tuesday I’ll share an easy activity to do if you’re potty training this week. Or even if you’re not.

Put down your phone.

Sit down by your child.

Put the potty nearby.

Put down your phone. (Maybe you don’t need to hear this twice, but I do.)

Here’s my favorite activity: put your child in a box. With crayons. Hell, give him markers; you’re right there. Draw together in the box. On the box. My son was 19 months old when we started potty training and we made a spaceship. He loved it. Naked and in a box with markers–toddler dream come true!

BONUS: If they pee–it’s in the box!

Have fun. Let me know how it goes.